Zoom Etiquette

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of our blog …….  Today we’ll be talking about Zoom etiquette!

With so many of us working from home it’s become clear that new policies & procedures had to be put in place.  One of those is “Zoom Etiquette” at the beginning of lockdown people were finding their feet, juggling working and childcare, navigating through new systems and technology, and in some areas, we were falling short of basic professional standards.  One of those was our appearance, a more casual approach was filtering through.  Some people got it right and some not so, for more on that, take a look at our “How to Dress for Zoom Success” blog!

So some larger businesses have found it necessary to put policies in place to ensure everyone understands what’s expected of them.  It’s important that when we show up whether that be face to face or via video conference it’s in a professional manner.  After all we’re representing a company  or brand and should maintain a certain level of professionalism

I was talking to a lady the other day who said that one of her husband’s colleagues came to a zoom meeting, he’d clearly just rolled out of bed, still wearing his creased t-shirt, hair not brushed, and eating his breakfast!  I would have told him to go away smarten up and come back and most certainly leave the breakfast in the kitchen.  He was later picked up on his behavior, but it got me thinking, how are companies managing this? 

I started to look into “Zoom Etiquette” (I must state that there are other video conferencing systems and this is not a paid AD) it just sits nicely into the wording

It’s hard to gauge people’s reactions on a video conference, I was talking to a friend of mine who mentioned that she really struggles to gauge peoples facial reactions to new things that are being implemented and finds that quieter members of staff seem to sit back and not have their say.  This concerns her as she doesn’t feel that she gets a true understanding of how they feel.  She always follows this up with individuals to make sure they understand the process and the reasons its being implemented

Here’s my 5 top tips for the perfect “Zoom Etiquette”

1. Show up smart, remember your colleagues or clients deserve a certain level of respect, you are representing your company and or brand and you must make a lasting impression.  Dressing for the occasion also puts you in the right professional mindset

2, Prepare to succeed, just as you would face to face!  Know how to gain access to the meeting, familiarise yourself with the agenda, the attendees, and the topics.  Make notes and be prepared to get your own viewpoint across……

3. Give everyone a fair opportunity to talk, sometimes we can reply or jump in too fast and people may feel they haven’t had the opportunity to have their say.  This is particularly important for our quieter colleagues, who may need a bit more encouragement to get involved

4. Avoid multi-tasking, it can be off-putting for the speaker if attendees are busily typing or talking to others at the same time!  Sometimes it can’t be helped, in this case, make sure you switch off your video to complete the task and then switch the video back on!  It goes without saying, keep the background noise to a minimum and ideally mute your mic when you’re not talking

5. As mentioned above “DO NOT EAT” on a video call!  There’s nothing worse than watching someone eat or worse still if you can hear someone it’s just unnecessary, if you have a long meeting you should be setting appropriate comfort and lunch breaks.  Don’t be THAT person!

I hope you have found my tips useful, if you have any questions please free to get in touch……

Now we’ve covered Zoom Etiquette in my next blog I’ll be sharing my advice on “The importance of Key Learning & Office Banter” to keep up to date with my blog posts you can find them at https://www.blackedgestyle.co.uk or if you have any questions you can email me at laura@blackedgestyle.co.uk

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