Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis - Colour Fan

The colour analysis experience is an incredible and fascinating experience.

The phycological benefits of colours are nothing short of incredible, boosting your mood, confidence, and general well-being.

Incorporating the perfect colours into your wardrobe is an exciting and fun experience.

You will physically see & understand the benefits of introducing colour to your wardrobe there will be no going back.

During the colour analysis experience, we look at how certain colours give you that all-important natural glow. Giving you the knowledge to understand which colours compliment your skin tone, eye and hair colour.

Having the ability to naturally reduce fine lines, dark circles and shadows all whilst giving your natural eye colour the pop of colour it deserves!

We will determine which seasonal colours are most complementary to your skin tone.

As part of the experience, you will be given your own seasonal colour fan, this will be your colour bible for choosing your style pieces going forward.

Making shopping an enjoyable and powerful experience.

Knowledge is power!

Colour Analysis 1:1 Experience Р50 Mins Р£100 (Inc Colour Fan)

Group bookings are available, please enquire for further details

Contact Laura today to make your booking or find out more about our services

If you are looking for more than one experience, take a look at our Style Packages

Covering Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

If you are further afield please feel free to message Laura to discuss services in your area, I am super flexible and have a waiting list of areas I can accommodate.

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